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Scientists have reversed aging stem cells

Ученые обратили вспять старение стволовых клетокReceived biological material will improve the results of treatment with ESCs and simulation of genetic diseases.

Scientists from the school of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University for the first time rejuvenated embryonic stem cells (ESCs) of a person using specially developed chemical “cocktail”. Received biological material will improve the results of treatment with ESCs and simulation of genetic diseases. Article researchers published in the journal Development.

Classic embryonic human stem cells were isolated in 1998 from a blastocyst — an early stage of embryo development during which the fetus is a ball of two different populations of cells. These HSC was supposed to be a replacement of mouse stem cells can become any other cells and is easily amenable to genetic manipulation. However, it soon became clear that human ESC barely survived in laboratory conditions and can be transformed only in certain types of tissues.

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Geneticists have been able to understand the reasons for these differences, opening a new type of stem cells in rodents. They were discovered in the Bud, which has already passed the stage of blastocysts and implanted to the lining of the uterus. These cells were only a couple of days older than the usual mouse ESCs, but their properties are very much like “ossified” embryonic human stem cells. Thus, scientists realized that the latter are aged flexible stem you can rejuvenate.

For this purpose scientists have developed the so-called “3i-cocktail”, which consists of three substances-inhibitors involved in the regulation of cellular development. The first drug inhibits the WNT signaling pathway, which is responsible for the embryogenesis, development of specialized cells and growth of tumors. The second way turns off the ERK, involved in tissue growth and increase cell motility. The last substance is tankyrase inhibitor — is an anti-cancer agent.

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The mixture allows to transform classic human ESC, giving them the ability to turn into any cell in the body. Furthermore, they do not have a mutation, which are the side effects of other methods of reprogramming. As shown by experiments, stem cells are updated two to three times more transformirovalsya in vascular and nerve tissue, suitable for transplantation.

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