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Scientists have revealed a mysterious sea turtle cemetery

Ученые показали таинственное морское кладбище черепахA mysterious grave is located at a depth of 18 meters.

In the Internet appeared the frames of the documentary film “Big Pacific”, which shows a huge underwater graveyard for sea turtles.

This place is near the island Sedapan, which is located in Malaysia, at a depth of about 18 meters. About this location earlier said Jacques-Yves Cousteau, while comparing it with cemeteries of elephants in Africa. It consists of many labyrinths, slaughtered bones and skulls of the huge number of sea turtles, there are the remains of stillborn and turtles.

This fact has aroused the interest of scientists, because it contradicts the established belief that turtles are not prone to mass drownings. In addition, it is known that they prefer to give birth to their children on the ocean, laying eggs in the sand. Similar places in the world is no longer detected, so the issue became very interesting for the scientific community.

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