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Scientists have reported the change in the world by 2040

Учёные сообщили, как измениться мир к 2040 годуIt is noted that the Earth’s population by 2040 will reach a population of 9 157 230 000 people.

In the era of rapid development of technology, many scientists do not presume to make absolute predictions of the near future.

However, some of them still can’t resist the desire to look 10-20 years ahead and to predict the life of humanity in 2040.

According to the prediction of young Communicator Hashem AL-ghaili, the most economically developed States of the future will be the United States and India. It is noted, through more than 20 years the Earth will be around 9 billion people. Will not go past the future and the consequences of global warming. In parts of the Middle East and Africa specialist predicts the formation of an extremely hot climate, resulted in massive migrations.

By 2040, humanity is completely “empty” land and begin to extract minerals from the seabed. With the tremendous growth of the production of active gadgets, the TV will cease to exist, and the information will be supplied to users exclusively through the online network.

Science will also make a huge step forward. According to the forecast Hashem AL-ghaili, after 20 years, biotechnology will allow scientists to collect food at the molecular level. The space will continue the search for extraterrestrial life, the first group of colonists to go to Mars, and Japan may build the first space Elevator.

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