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Scientists have refuted the main myths about the moon

Ученые опровергли главные мифы о ЛунеSome of the main myths about the moon experts denied.

The experts said, whether there was life on Earth before, whether it is suitable for life now and whether or not it is hollow.

The moon has long excited the imagination of people, and therefore it is credited with mystical and fantastical properties. For example, since the Roman Empire, many believed that a full moon can drive people mad, and another version exactly full Moon is the reason for high fertility and birth rates. These views were formed over hundreds of years and partially confirmed by science. However, some of the main myths about the moon experts denied.

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The first false myth is that satellite supposedly empty inside. After studying the magnetic fields of the cosmic body, scientists believe that it can not be hollow. The second common myth tells that the Moon is endowed with uninhabitable living organisms conditions. It turns out that about 4 billion years ago the satellite was almost ideal conditions for that existed and evolved protozoa.

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The third myth is contrary to the second, indicating that the Moon is suitable for life and to live it now. Life on the moon would be problematic, as lunar dust, which is present on the satellite, has a sharply negative effect human health after contact with mucous membranes of humans may cause serious illness.

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