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Scientists have refuted one of the key laws of physics

Учёные опровергли один из ключевых законов физикиScientists conducted a large-scale experiment.

The law of the German theoretical physicist max Planck, who was hitherto one of the key formulas of physics, in some experiments didn’t work.

Planck’s law is an estimate based on the degree of radiation completely black body with a temperature starting, ending wavelength. And this law is so firmly established among physicists that it is not questioned. Recently, however, scientists from the University of Michigan conducted a large-scale experiment on energy transfer. They designed a wave of 10 micron, used a couple of membranes, consisting of silicon nitride, and then heated the micron, which allowed them to obtain this high accuracy.

The results have surprised scientists, because unknown to them, Planck’s law just didn’t work: the extent of energy transfer has exceeded the allowable by law by more than 100 times, as stressed by one of the physicists-researchers Mumtaz Qazilbash. This means that nanoscale objects are able to absorb and radiate heat much more and much more efficient than the current model law.

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