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Scientists have recorded the “death Star” close to Saturn

Ученые зафиксировали "Звезду смерти" рядом с СатурномSpace Agency published new pictures of satellite of the planet.

NASA made new pictures of Saturn’s moon Tethys, which is reminiscent of the combat space station “death Star” from the movie franchise “Star wars.”

They were taken by the spacecraft Cassini.

In his Twitter account, NASA wrote that it was “spot” on Tethys actually has craterem, called Odyssey, however it looks like a huge eye that stares into space.

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Meanwhile, users of social networks do not agree with scientists and joking that really is the “death Star” from the cult film.

In particular, one user wrote that to write “eye” instead of “death Star” somehow inappropriate, and the other girl was joking, that is “Star wars” has gone too far.

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Ученые зафиксировали "Звезду смерти" рядом с Сатурном

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