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Scientists have recorded in the sky “experiment Torah”

Учёные зафиксировали в небе «эксперимент Тора»After raising to a height of 10 kilometers, they disappear from view.

In 2015, the representatives of the European space Agency (ESA) has recorded “blue jets” in the sky.

They were at an altitude of 250 miles above the Earth, but was captured by specialists from the International space station (ISS). Re-phenomenon was discovered this year.

Astronaut Andreas Mogensen has called this process the contrast of the “blue jet” as a “torus Experiment”. Thor – Norse God of lightning, which became the basis for movies and comics. No one has accurate descriptions of the nature of these installations. Electrical discharges for the first time in a long time was captured. This became possible thanks to video surveillance from the ISS. The movement speed of these “blue jets” is about 360 thousand kilometers per hour. After raising to a height of 10 kilometers, they disappear from view.

In appearance the phenomenon resembles the effect of “inverted zipper”. This may occur as a result of the extreme activity of lightning in the area where surveys were conducted. Due to pressure differences at different altitudes occur simultaneously, and the charge and discharge of electricity. The epicenter of the ripple falls on the top of the clouds. Lightning, in turn, play an important role in the formation of the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the results of observations once again have to force scientists to study the “blue jet”.

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