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Scientists have recorded a “dying cough” stars

Ученые зафиксировали «предсмертный кашель» звезды Scientists were able for the first time to record “cough” star-bombers. To witness this moment become astronomers from both countries.

“Dying cough” was observed in the brightest and one of the nearest stars – Antares.

Scientists report that many lights surrounded by a cloud of gas and cosmic dust. The speed of their movement is 20 kilometers per second. Antares now is on the verge of his death, its “fuel” is running low. Her future supernova and the process of rebirth will be visible from Earth even at noon.

At the moment, dying luminary exceeds the dimensions of the Sun 18 times. The radius of Antares is 1000 times more solar, but this is not the limit. The star continues to expand its literally bursting from the inside, and after that inevitably followed the explosion. American and Chilean experts were able to observe the individual sections of the stars with a telescope VLTI. Observation is more or less easy, as Antares has a “cold atmosphere”.

Watching the process of “dying” stars, astronomers have recorded the emission of the outer shell of the Antares, which can be compared to the convulsive podergivaniah of the larynx, which occur when a cough. The speed of the gas molecules, the scientists were determined by measuring the wavelength of light. Thanks to this, astronomers figured out what controls star “cough”. During observation it became clear that “coughs” Antares irregular and not universal. Part of his bowels remained absolutely immovable.

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