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Scientists have questioned the presence of liquid water on Mars

Ученые усомнились в наличии жидкой воды на МарсеThe dark lines on the surface of the planet could occur without the participation of water.

Scientists said that dark line on the surface of Mars, which were discovered in 2011, and that the NASA researchers have considered the traces of the salty streams on the planet, could occur without the involvement of liquid water.

Their findings the researchers presented at the American geophysical Union in San Francisco. In 2011, scientists discovered a dark stripe width of 0.5-5 meters, which appear in summer and disappear in winter. Then the scientists suggested that these bands are the traces of flows of very salty water, which was later confirmed. However, some researchers doubt the correctness of this assertion. In their view, they arise as a result of absorption of water from the Martian atmosphere salts on the surface of the slopes, where there are these lines.

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Now researchers have confirmed the likelihood of this scenario formation of the strips, replicating it in the lab. On the other hand, as the authors themselves admit open, all this does not mean that “salt creeks” on Mars do not exist – it is possible that the birth of the “dark lines” involved and he and the other process. In September 2015, NASA experts held a press conference during which he spoke about what he had found evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars.

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Later the Agency was represented animated video that simulates the flow of water on the red planet.

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