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Scientists have published the first video from the surface of the asteroid

Ученые опубликовали первое в истории видео с поверхности астероидаVideo on the Ground gave Rovers landing on the surface of the asteroid.

Aerospace exploration Agency of Japan, JAXA has published a new portion of data obtained from the asteroid Rovers, MINERVA-II1.

The animation consists of 15 frames that were received on 23 September 2018. It covers 74 minutes of real time.

Hayabusa-2 dropped two almost identical Rover, Minerva and Minerva II1A-II1B, on the surface of the Ryuga on September 21. In a new video from the Rover Minerva-II1B, you can see how the Sun moves across the sky, as the bright sunlight reflected from shiny rocks covering the surface of the Ryuga.

“Please take a moment to enjoy the “permanence” of this new world,” – said in a statement, JAXA officials published on September 27. Video was made from frames taken over 1 hour and 14 minutes, starting from 22 Sep, 21:34 et.

Unlike the Rovers, which landed on Mars, Minerva and Minerva II1A-II1B no wheels. Instead of having to roll on the surface of the asteroid, they are designed for jumping. They can jump horizontal distances up to 15 meters, and as gravity Ryugu is very weak, it may take up to 15 minutes.

Next year mothership Hayabusa-2 will descend to the asteroid’s surface to collect samples that it will return to Earth in 2020.

Space probe Hayabusa-2 was launched into space on 3 December 2014 and is designed to deliver soil samples from the asteroid, the Ryuga, which is 280 million km from Earth. Its orbit crosses the orbit of Earth and Mars.

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