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Scientists have proven that dogs understand human speech

Ученые доказали, что собаки понимают человеческую речьThe American scientists during experiment have learned about the ability of dogs to understand human language.

Dogs can distinguish words from pseudoself. To such conclusion the American scientists.

The researchers conducted an fMRI experiment (Functional magnetic resonance imaging, ed.), which involved 12 dogs. They learned to show on the subject, having heard his name.

Because dogs are able to accept simple voice commands, scientists have suggested that animals can, in principle, to understand human language.

So, the dog was placed in the scanner, and the owner stood in front of her and read the words off the screen. Some of them were familiar to the animal, others are not, or were pseudologue.

In the end it turned out that the treatment of pseudoself the brain activity of dogs has been enhanced in the temporal-parietal lobe. This means that animals can distinguish known words from unknown.

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