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Scientists have proved the influence of the purity of speech memory

Ученые доказали влияние чистоты речи на памятьThe clean speech directly affects memory

As it turned out, the information obtained from one conversation, could long be remembered. Another absolutely flies out of my head.

Scientists believe that memory directly affects the purity of speech. To such conclusion came researchers working in of Austin the University of Texas.

Experts have suggested that to how memorable the presentation, affects the speed of speech and its purity.

To test the hypothesis, were attracted 60 people who speak English. Half of them were native speakers.

Then they were read 72 sentences. They were divided into six blocks of 12 V each. We used first “pure speech” at a slow pace, and then “spoken”, which is not so accentuated and more rapid. In the end, the proposal was required to reproduce the memory.

And native speakers, and foreigners showed that the more memorable sentences spoken slowly and phonetically “pure”. Scientists explained it as follows.

With rapid speech or unclear articulation of ideas, listening consumes much more resources of the brain in order to understand what was said. Therefore, the more effort is spent on understanding, the fewer resources left in order to memorize the material.

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