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Scientists have proved the benefits of the five-day fasting

Учеными доказана польза пятидневного голоданияFasting promotes rejuvenation of the body.

Scientists have documented that the sharp cuts in the amount of calories in the diet for a short period is correlated with reduced markers of aging. Thus it is possible to increase life expectancy, experts believe.

The authors of this hypothesis were American scientists from the University of southern California. As a means of rejuvenation, they suggested cutting the daily calorie level in half.

In the experiment conducted by specialists, the group of participants were asked to withstand a diet that consisted of vegetables, soups, energy bars, energy drinks, healthy snacks and chamomile tea. On the first day, the volunteers ate food on 1090 calories in the next five days – on 725. They then returned to a normal diet, and a month later repeated the five-day “post.”

Physical examination of the participants showed that cutting calories functioned on the body very positive.

“People who adhered to a severely restricted diet for more than a week in the month showed fewer signs of aging, diabetes, heart disease and cancer compared to the group that did not practice intermittent fasting. The positive effect persisted, despite the return to a normal diet” – concluded the researchers.

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