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Scientists have proved that microbes can survive on Mars

Ученые доказали, что микробы могут выжить на МарсеThe microorganisms, called methanogens, without oxygen and does not require photosynthesis.

Astrobiologists from the University of Arkansas completed an experiment, in which proved that some microorganisms could live on Mars.

The experiment, which simulated Martian conditions in the terrestrial laboratory, lasted a year.

Scientists began the experiment after the probe Curiosity has detected methane on the red planet. Most of the methane on Earth is produced by living organisms, and the leader of the research team Rebecca Mickel stated that “the same may be true for Mars.”

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The microorganisms, called methanogens, without oxygen and do not need photosynthesis, so, in theory, could adapt to the difficult conditions of Mars, if it did not live on the surface and in the soil.

Scientists put of methanogens in conditions as close to Mars – with low pressure and temperature, and with strong ultraviolet radiation. The weak germs die after three days, the most persistent managed to survive in such conditions up to three weeks.

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Despite the success of the study, Mikkel notes that methane on Mars may be of volcanic origin. The study only showed the possibility of life on earth bacteria to Mars conditions.

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