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Scientists have proved that life exists in space

Ученые доказали: жизнь в космосе существуетSpecialisty trying to confirm or disprove the theory about life on other planets

One of the developers of satellites “Bion-M” Vladimir Sychev said that the collapse of the spacecraft may be evidence of outside interference.

He also told how the collapse of the “Progress” affected the development of science in Russia and the exploration of space in future. Related statements were made during the international conference held in the walls of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. It is worth noting that the financing of scientific projects has been reduced substantially. This led to the fact that some developments had to be postponed to a later date of implementation.

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Despite this, the data of the detected samples allow us to say that life exists in space and she was brought to Earth in the invasion of outer space. In 2013, during tests of the satellite “Bion” the team was able to verify the ability of microorganisms to survive in orbit.

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This happened as a result of the transfer of tablets with microbes. Some of them when landing the probe is split, but the microorganisms were not damaged.

Thus, scientists with the confidence to say that bacterial spores are able to survive inside the meteorites. In this regard, the specialists plan to continue such experiments to confirm or disprove the theory about life on other planets

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