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Scientists have proved that agriculture was invented by the ants

Ученые доказали, что сельское хозяйство изобрели муравьиScientists said that the ants long before humans invented agriculture.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies, which found that the ants that lived thousands of years ago, mostly your diet mostly used the plant Squamellaria.

Insects, whole colonies settled near this representative crops and lived in this area for tens of generations.

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The ants used as food grain, and seedlings left in the ground. Seedlings sprouted and bore a new crop. This scheme has been used for many years.

Scholars have identified that the ants have very strange behaviors, which are incorporated at the level of reflexes. Observed representatives of this species of insects that may build nests and taught posterity. This training continued even when I decreased the number of ants to a critical level.

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