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Scientists have proposed an effective method of losing weight

Ученые предложили эффективный метод похуденияThe method is based on the change in the level of blood sugar.

A leading specialist in gastroenterology and immunology ERANA Elinav from the research of the Weizmann Institute in Israel proposed to use for weight loss measuring blood sugar. This will allow us to understand how the body reacts to what you usually eat, says Israeli scientist.

According to the specialist, the higher the level of sugar in blood after food is eaten, the higher the risk of weight gain, obesity and development of type II diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

“Frequent and high rises of blood sugar levels cause the pancreas to actively produce insulin, which triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions leading to the accumulation of adipose tissue and blood vessel damage,” explained Elina.

The scientist advised to purchase a home glucometer and measure your sugar before eating and an hour after. Thus, it is possible to understand what foods trigger a spike in blood sugar, and together with this forced to gain weight. The exclusion of these foods from the diet will help not only lose weight but also to improve the cardiovascular system.

Reduce and stabilize blood sugar scientist made the following recommendations. Elinav noted that the use of food should be small portions, as eaten from a large volume of food leads to a rise in blood sugar levels.

Fruit, according to the scientist, can affect blood sugar. It is best to use fresh, not dried and not overly sweet fruit.

It is also useful to reduce blood sugar to drink more water during meals. Avoiding fat in the diet, said the scientist, contributes to the increase of sugar, and, conversely, the use of butter, cheese and eggs helps to reduce blood sugar levels after eating.

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