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Scientists have proposed a new method of identifying users

Ученые предложили новый способ идентифицирования пользователейExperts want to identify users by means of scanning heart

The presentation of the iPhone X, equipped with a scanning system Face ID generated discussion about the reliability of this method for user authentication, and other methods of identity verification using biometric indicators, and not the old-fashioned password.

A list of such ways, which includes not only fingerprints, iris scan, and ECG and EEG now has expanded the idea of researchers from the University of Buffalo (new York), who proposed to identify users according to their hearts, the shape of which is unique and does not change except in cases of serious diseases.

According to New Atlas, a group of scientists from USA have developed a biometric security system, including the so-called Doppler radar, which is capable for 8 seconds to determine the shape, size and rhythm of the human heart. After that, the system may conduct continuous monitoring, which makes it more reliable than the analogs, providing for a one-time identification (e.g., fingerprint).

As emphasized by the developers, the impact of the scanner is harmless to human body – the device safely same as gadgets with Wi-Fi modules, and in addition, has a lower signal strength. Finally, the scanner has low power consumption.

During development testing, which was attended by 78 volunteers, the system showed recognition accuracy at 98.6%.

In the future, the team intends to create a more compact version of the scanner, which can be embedded in the keyboard of a computer or smartphone to identify the owner. It is noted that the current prototype has a range of 30 meters and can be used at airports.

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