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Scientists have predicted what mankind will perish

Ученые предсказали, от чего погибнет человечествоBlack hole can destroy the Earth.

Scientists have informed that soon the star Betelgeuse could destroy the planet Earth. The star will become a supernova, this event will find many scientists around the world, but they don’t know what it all might end.

Betelgeuse has a large size, from which it follows that it can easily turn into a black hole. In addition to the conversion, the entire event will go to support the big Bang. First, the sky will be seen a second Sun, then the inhabitants of the Earth will feel a strong radiation and the planet will absorb a black hole. To date, astronomers developed infrared telescopes that will help conduct accurate research and observations for such stars.

At the moment the Orb is moving much faster than expected, its outer layers are moving at the speed of 15 kilometers per second.

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