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Scientists have predicted the imminent extinction of giraffes

Ученые предрекли скорое вымирание жирафовFirst giraffes were animals, “under the least threat.

Researchers from the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) declared that giraffes are on the brink of extinction.

To such conclusion experts came in the course of counting living on the planet populations of these animals. In particular, it was found out that since 1985 the number of giraffes has declined from 152 to 90 thousand. If the situation does not change, by the end of the XXI century giraffes can completely disappear.

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First giraffes were animals, “under the least threat,” but now they are listed as “vulnerable”.

The declining population of giraffes is due to illegal human activities, armed conflicts in Africa, as well as with the expansion of agricultural areas near the habitats of these animals.

In addition, in danger of being African parrots — in the red book they are now listed as “endangered”.

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