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Scientists have predicted the flooding of part of Russia

Ученые предсказали затопление части России8 Russian regions before the end of the century will go under water.

Leading world climate scientist, co-laureate Nobel peace prize 2007 Jean Jouzel (Jean Jouzel), together with experts from different countries established the pan-Arctic monitoring network of the isotopic tracers of the water cycle (Pan-Arctic Observing Water Isotope Network).

For her Russian segment of the responsible scientists from the laboratory physics of climate and environment of the Ural Federal University and other scientific institutions. In the framework of the task climatologists develop a forecast of changes in the Arctic part of Russia for the next 50 years.

Based on available data, experts have concluded about the possibility of massive flooding, which affected eight regions of Russia. According to the head of the laboratory physics of climate and environment, the University of doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Vyacheslav Zakharov, as a result of rising temperatures, the permafrost will become much flooding the space.

“The permafrost in Western Siberia begins at about 63 degrees North latitude. Further East of Russia, it descends even lower to the South to 60 degrees. The characteristic thickness of the permafrost in Western Siberia is 20 meters further to the East there is a depth of 200 and even 500 meters. The first, which is understandable, melts the thin layers of permafrost in Western Siberia. Imagine: 20 meters down and filled with water. Flood all the cities of Yamal, Salekhard, New Urengoy, Labytnangi. Accordingly, the entire oil and gas infrastructure will disappear, all oil and gas pipelines,” — says Zakharov. In total in a risk zone areas of the eight regions, including Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, Komi Republic, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Krasnoyarsk Krai and Yakutia.

In the more distant future, according to the forecast, will melt the ice sheet of Greenland and Antarctica, and then flooding will be a significant part of Europe. In the middle Urals height above sea level, in the main, about 200 meters — this area is under water will not appear, but the climate here will change seriously enough.

Verified model of the upcoming climate change Russian specialists will create by 2020. Her ultimate goal is to provide the most accurate data to help the various actors of the region in planning activities. Scientists believe that some of the cities would have to settle, and in other territories will need to change the principles of management.

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