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Scientists have predicted the extinction of humanity

Ученые предрекли человечеству вымираниеThe death of the animals would begin around the end of this century.

Scientists after studying the case of the Permian extinction, which occurred 250 million years ago, came to the conclusion that the collapse awaits humanity. In the distant past is dead 90% of marine and 70% terrestrial. Very soon, the disasters will happen again.

Mass extinction was caused by volcanic eruptions, causing the temperature of the oceans increased by 11°C. in addition, marine life has begun to feel the shortage of oxygen. Changes in the oceans caused the death of and land creatures that were dependent on the sea.

According to scientists, now, too, there is a significant warming. The death of animals will start around the end of this century, by the year 2300 will die 50% of the flora and fauna of the Earth.

It is noteworthy that this time the climate is changing due to humans, not volcanoes. We create adverse conditions for life, said the scientist from the University of Washington Curtis Deutsch.

The heat, of course, will not be as great as in the Permian period. Plus, there’s still a chance to reduce the negative impact, it is only necessary the desire of the authorities of the developed countries.

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