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Scientists have predicted an environmental catastrophe

Ученые предрекли экологическую катастрофуThe Internet predicted a global catastrophe.

Mass consumption of insects as food may lead to environmental disaster, said scientists from the Swedish University of agricultural cultures in Uppsala in response to the recommendations of the United Nations.

Earlier, the United Nations (UN) issued a recommendation to increase the consumption of insects as food. According to the results of UN research, that food can solve the problem of food shortages on the planet.

Fundamental research on this topic do not exist, said the Swedish researchers. For example, insect dishes are appreciated for what they are good for protein, but completely unknown, what should be the requirements to the forage for the insects, which would later become food.

It is also unknown how environmentally friendly will be this sector of the food industry. This refers to a broad range of issues, from fuel for heating, producing insects to transport them. And if they escape into the wild in the country where they specially delivered? Diseases of insects are also not well understood, to ensure human security. The study of these and many other problems associated with the use of insects as food, to avoid ecological disaster.

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