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Scientists have named the year in which people will become immortal

Ученые назвали год, в котором люди станут бессмертнымиAccording to the latest projections, by 2045 will appear immortal people.

By 2045, the science can make people immortal with the development of artificial intelligence. Such positive predictions shared futurist Raymond Kurzweil.

According to Kurzweil, at present, artificial intelligence has already reached a high level, allowing him to create artistic masterpieces are identical in workmanship to those made by people, and it continues to grow and improve further.

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In prospects with the help of modern technology humanity will be able to bring to life your wildest fantasies. The biological mind will undergo many changes, becoming a technical non-refundable. People will probably merge into a single body with technology, taking the form of a cyborg like that would make him invincible and immortal, as it will not only physically, but emotionally perfect.

Artificial intelligence will save people from health problems and aging. Moreover, the creation of man will be able to scan and then transfer and implement in a computer, thereby allowing him to live in the vast virtual reality.

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However, the futurist also warned about the looming threat because in case of mishandling, the computers will rise up and destroy humanity as a species.

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