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Scientists have named the vegetable that will save you from cancer

Ученые назвали овощ, который убережет вас от ракаThe researchers were able to determine the vegetable that protects humanity from the malignant tumors.

Experiments on mice showed that daily consumption of tomatoes inhibits the development of tumors after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. However, only in males.

The results of a study conducted by researchers from the Ohio state University (USA), published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Previous studies have shown that people who have long and regularly eat tomatoes or tomato paste, less likely to happen sunburn. Scientists suggest that the protection of the skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation provides accumulated in the cells of the skin carotenoids are pigment compounds that affect the color of tomatoes. These substances, especially one of them — lycopene have powerful antioxidant properties.

But, apparently, protection of the skin lycopene provides not one but a whole range of chemical substances contained in tomatoes. This conclusion researchers made based on the fact that the appointment of lycopene in the form of synthetic food additives to reduce the risk of sunburn does not.

Based on these data a group of researchers led by Jessica copperstone is (Jessica Cooperstone) suggested that the consumption of tomatoes may protect the skin not only from UV rays but also from cancer provoked by them. Copperstone is and her colleagues conducted a series of experiments deprived of wool mice. Of the animals within 35 days kept on a diet of tomato powder, and some received the standard diet. About the middle of the study, the mice were systematically subjected to hard ultraviolet radiation.

In the end, the animals who consumed the tomato powder, and malignant skin lesions was 50% less than those who don’t have it. However, this effect was observed exclusively in males, in females the consumption of tomatoes is almost not affected. “These data again suggests that in the development of different strategies of disease prevention need to take into account gender, — said co-author copperstone is Professor American Tatiana (Tatiana Oberyszyn). — What works for men, not always works in women, and Vice versa.”

A recent study showed that tomatoes can be used as prevention of stomach cancer.

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