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Scientists have named the product that is able to beat cancer

Ученые назвали продукт, который способен победить ракIt turns out that prunes possess the required composition, which can prevent the emergence of malignant tumors.

Eating prunes is extremely beneficial effect on bacterial colon health, reducing the most probability of occurrence of one of the most common and deadly types of cancer – colorectal. This could make sure the authors of a study from the United States.

The staff of the two universities, Texas and North Carolina, have concluded that regular consumption of plums improves the condition of the intestinal microbiome, are increasingly called recently by scientists as a separate organ. The intestinal microbiome is a diverse community inhabiting a certain ratio. Irregularities in it have far-reaching consequences not only for digestion, but whole body and brain.

The researchers said that disturbances in the bacterial balance becomes a push to development of inflammation in a number of sections of the intestine. “Prunes contain phenolic compounds which act as antioxidants, reduce the manifestation of inflammation and helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria,” the scientists told about how dried plums can protect against colorectal cancer.

The effects of the components of the plum microbiota experts have observed during the experiments with rats. Recall that colorectal cancer ranks second in mortality from cancer.

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