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Scientists have named the most reliable way to live to a ripe old age

Ученые назвали надежный способ дожить до глубокой старостиJust be active.

Forget about the healing power of rest and relaxation. Only employment keeps our health and allows you to live as long as possible, as shown by numerous studies.

The rhythm of life in the twenty-first century was greatly accelerated, and many people dream about a vacation or the possibility to indulge in the coveted relaxation. However, the authorities of different countries persistently raise the retirement age, than smash the hopes of many for a carefree old age.

Due to the use of smartphones and social networking we are never completely disconnected from the busy pace of life that, in theory, should threaten us constantly high levels of stress. However, a significant number of studies argue that employment is very healthy.

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The more engaged people are, the longer they live. But a well-deserved rest, during which the person ceases to work and loses the meaning of life, provokes various diseases and even dementia.

Not long ago, American scientists have found that people sleep much better if they have a lot of reasons to the next day early to get out of bed. Neuroscientists from Northwestern University have reported that having a clear meaning in life is associated with the execution of various tasks, people are much less likely to face dementia.

The attention of researchers was focused on persons with an average age of 79 years, but the authors argue that the findings are fair to people of all age groups.

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Last year psychologists from the University of Texas said that employment is associated with a number of advantages for the brain.

Having studied more than 300 people, they found that a high level of employment positively affects the cognitive functions of the human brain. Employment helped to keep both short and long memory, it has enhanced the ability to solve logical problems and the so-called crystallized intelligence – the ability to use the knowledge gained in the course of life skills and knowledge for practical purposes.

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