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Scientists have named the main danger of the rejection of the Breakfast

Ученые назвали главную опасность отказа от завтракаThe scientists explained why all people need every morning for Breakfast.

American scientists recently published the results of the study in which they were able to identify serious illness in old age awaits those who refuse breakfasts throughout his life.

Highlights of the study

This study involved men after 40 years. Each of the participants filled out a special questionnaire where he described he usually eats Breakfast or not, and if Yes, which products. Plus, everyone who participated in this study private tufts University in Massachusetts, have completed the mandatory examination, on the basis of which scientists made some conclusions.

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Why give up your Breakfast dangerous?

As it turned out, about 75% of study participants, essentially having missed Breakfast, had their vessels atherosclerotic plaques, that is, themselves brought to the risk group of the most popular diseases of the elderly – atherosclerosis.

People who listened to the doctor’s recommendations and always tightly had Breakfast, only 57% of cases susceptible to atherosclerosis. And those who ate Breakfast, but didn’t follow the rules “on calorie morning meal should be 20% of your daily need in calories” and eat low fat products, 67% closer to atherosclerosis.

It turns out that one way or another atherosclerotic plaques formed in blood vessels with age, but to reduce their number of them, regularly eating Breakfast.

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What other diseases threaten those who refuse Breakfast:

– hypertension;

– obesity;

– diabetes.

As we can see, to abandon the Breakfast is extremely unsafe in the future, so if you want in old age to enjoy life and not to go to doctors and take a bunch of drugs, then eat Breakfast and indulge in high-calorie nutrient products in the first half of the day.

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