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Scientists have named the juice, rejuvenating brain cells

Ученые назвали сок, омолаживающий клетки мозгаThe juice from this vegetable is worth a penny, and the benefits from it are huge.

How not cool, and with age the cells of the body are aging. In the first place signs of aging appear on a person’s appearance, and then on his behavior. But according to scientists, each of us has the opportunity for several years to delay aging and for this you need daily in small portions to drink freshly squeezed beetroot juice.

According to American scientists, beet juice not only improves blood quality, strengthens blood vessels and helps to cleanse the body of toxins but also rejuvenates the brain cells.

Researchers at a University in the USA conducted an experiment in which they offered one group of project participants to use beet juice to perform simple physical exercises every day, and the second group just to drink water with red dye.

Then they checked whether the changed indicators in the brain of each participant of the study. Imagine their surprise when the people of retirement age who consumed the beetroot juice and doing the daily Jogging in the morning, the brain cells are rejuvenated to the same level as the youth.

These amazing indicators of rejuvenation of the brain, scientists have obtained after only 6 weeks after the start of the experiment. Besides the fact that the brain of these people are younger by a few decades in less than two months, so they also improved the condition of the cardiovascular system and went out and risk groups most common in the elderly diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

It is noteworthy that the second group of study participants no change in the body has occurred. So if you want in old age, to stay sane, every day drink beet juice and exercise.

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