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Scientists have named the cause of death of the mammoths

Ученые назвали причину гибели мамонтовScientists have found a surprising fact about mammoths.

Mammoths could survive the ice age. To such conclusion the paleontologists of the University of Utrecht, studying the deformation of the cervical vertebrae was found in the skeletons.

The mammoth – a very large, covered with hair of animals. Their bodies are well kept warm, and because it is unlikely that the decrease in global temperature led to mass death, clarify the scientists from the Netherlands. Most likely, the reason for the extinction in the usual genetic degeneration.

This assumption is supported by the results of the study of fossil skeletons. The cervical vertebrae are the last of the mammoths deformed, attached to them the extra edge. Such symptoms clearly indicate problems of the gene pool of animals.

It is reported that the most recent mammoth remains recently discovered under the North sea. According to the researchers, similar to the pathology observed in people suffering from infertility and, as a rule, dying in his youth.

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