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Scientists have named potential Creator of the planets

Ученые назвали потенциального создателя планетA unique phenomenon could be the reason for the creation of space objects.

Dark matter can create a planet. To this conclusion came specialists, Rutgers University, USA, headed by the astrophysicist Matthew R. Barclay. He suggested that such planets already exist in the modern Universe.

Astronomers shared his technique – in fact, they used the method of proof by contradiction, that is, trying to prove that dark matter can’t create a new planet.

Their arguments are based on the so-called “standard” scheme, according to which abnormal matter has no proper cooling. If the conditions were typical, then dark matter could sockets with something in the heap, but it would be only scattered cloud. All the matter in more complex current physical processes that can lead to release energy and fusion for barionov.

However, experts admitted that the cooling mechanism is not so principled when it is not about the creation of galactic and stellar systems, and the formation of small problems. The only problem is that the planet is woven of dark matter, does not have sufficient density. Barkley says that if the person was ever to set foot on the surface of this cosmic body, he would began to sink, falling to depths, like in a marsh bog.

The main reason for this anomaly is the lack of electrostatic repulsion between the atoms of the human body and dark matter. Scientists say that these planets do not live long. They are unstable and soon break up into smaller objects.

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