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Scientists have named another negative effect of alcohol

Ученые назвали еще один негативный эффект от алкоголяAlcoholics have a significantly reduced life expectancy

Experts from Higher medical school of Kobe University claim that many people underestimate the power of negative effects of alcohol from the point of view of the aging process.

The more a person drinks, the more his cells are aging.

Alcoholics have revealed shortening of telomeres – a marker for increased risk of age-related diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, dementia) and reduced life expectancy.

Telomeres – the protective end-pieces on the chromosomes. With each cycle of cell division in the body, they are shortened. Telomere length is an indicator of the real biological age of a person. And telomeres can actively be reduced due to external influences. The shortening of telomeres due to alcohol was revealed by the example 255 people 41-85 years. Among them, 134 were alcoholism and 121 acted as a control group.

All volunteers carried out the DNA analysis, take into account the history of drinking. It turned out, in addition to the direct connection of shortened telomeres and active consumption of alcohol, scientists have identified another dangerous factor is the deficiency of thiamine (water soluble vitamin). This factor is known to cause problems with the neurons.

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