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Scientists have named an unusual cause of chronic fatigue

Ученые назвали необычную причину хронической усталости Unpleasant, the syndrome may be caused by problems with one of the internal organs.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be caused by a low level of thyroid hormones, say Dutch scientists from the Medical center of the University of Groningen. The obtained results shed light on the reason underlying the debilitating condition that causes a lot of controversy among the medical community in recent years.

Many skeptics reject the biological cause of extreme fatigue and weakness, considering the illness psychological disorder. A new study involving 197 adults supports the assumption that chronic fatigue syndrome is a physical problem and has nothing to do with psychology.

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To come to such conclusions, experts have compared thyroid function in 98 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, and 97 healthy individuals. The results showed that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome had lower levels of two key thyroid hormones – triiodothyronine and thyroxine.

According to experts, low levels of these hormones can cause the corresponding symptoms in patients. However, it is noted that these people had no signs of hypothyroidism – a disease in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid-stimulating hormone.

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Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome now includes cognitive behavioural therapy, exercise therapy and antidepressants.

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