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Scientists have named a serious danger of frequent weight fluctuations

Ученые назвали серьезную опасность частых колебаний веса This is a serious burden for the heart and blood vessels.

Scientists have studied the process of weight gain after cessation of the diet and came to the conclusion that fluctuations in body weight can cause heart attack, stroke and even death, if a person originally had heart problems. The authors were experts from the Medical center, Langon at new York University, USA.

The researchers analyzed data on health status and body mass index at 9.5 thousand patients with coronary heart disease collected over a four-year observation period. The analysis showed that changes in weight affect the increased risk of stroke, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Every gained or dropped a pound or kilogram increase the risk of acute heart problems and vessels by 4%, and the risk of death for those reasons – 9%,” set the authors of the study.

According to experts, weight fluctuations cause specific hormonal changes that have a negative effect on the heart.

In particular, it was found that patients with heart problems during spikes of weight the risk of death was 124%, myocardial infarction – by 117%, and stroke by 136% higher than in patients with stable weight.

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