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Scientists have named a previously unknown property of cocoa

Ученые назвали неизвестное ранее свойство какаоExperts recommend drinking in the morning cocoa, not coffee or tea.

American scientists conducted a study which determined that cocoa has another unique feature – improved mental focus. Accordingly, due to the regular consumption of cocoa will be prevented the natural processes of brain aging, memory impairment and cognitive decline with age.

The study of American

Scientists have invited about forty people from the age group “50 and above” to participate in their new study. Both men and women were supposed to drink every day of cocoa, but in different proportions.

When the study came to an end and had to announce his results, the scientists themselves were surprised, as all participants have improved memory and this despite the fact that they are no longer young.

Scientists have identified what has caused the unique effects of cocoa on brain activity and the memory of people almost retirement age. As it turned out, cocoa beans contain flavonoids and that they have a positive effect on the human brain, stimulating brain centers.

American researchers also noted that the higher the amount of cocoa per day drank the participants of their experiment, the better they turned out in the end indicators. For example, these people could accomplish certain exercises helps to train your memory and the others who drank less cocoa, on the contrary, are unable to boast the same abilities.

By the way, cacao is a great warming tool that will help you relax and warm up after returning from the street, where the weather is not pleasant.

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