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Scientists have named a new threat to mankind

Ученые назвали новую угрозу для человечестваIncrease humidity – dangers for the future of the planet.

American climate scientists after conducting global research, including using computer modelling, stated that the real danger for the future of the Earth. The threat is increasing with each passing decade, the humidity.

According to the calculations of researchers, the increase in humidity leads to an increase in average temperatures even in regions that are Arctic and temperate climates. At the same time, in the territories of the Equatorial belt, “moist heat” by the middle of this century could be a real threat to the life of the population. Global warming and increased humidity are closely related, therefore the territory of Russia will not escape the danger of becoming area of the “bath”process.

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The evaporation of the waters of the World ocean is growing exponentially, affecting the climate change on the planet. A computer model in the long examination showed that humidity will be a catalyst for the final disappearance of the ice caps on both poles. Then the process will go on increasing. Evaporation will increase in times, creating the climate on the Earth, is not suitable for living of mankind.

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