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Scientists have named a advantage of people who bite their nails

Ученые назвали преимущество людей, которые грызут ногти It turned out that nail biting is a very useful habit.

Most often, biting nails is peculiar to children three to four years of age and adolescents, but sometimes persists for a lifetime. Usually it is condemned. But, it turns out that nail biting is not so bad.

Compulsion to bite the nails, or onychophagia is a reflex that is observed in great apes. Obsesiva regrown nails, they promote easier movement around the trees. In human society the reflex can also be included, although we don’t have to live in the jungle. But the presence of this reflex has long been considered dangerous – mostly similar passion associated with a high risk of penetration through the mouth into the body of harmful micro-organisms, accumulating under the nails.

However, a study conducted by researchers from the Medical school of McMaster University in Ontario (Canada) showed that the organisms under the nails just enhance the security of the person before the disease, because they actually train the immune system. Canadian experts have found that children who bite their nails, much less likely to suffer allergies.

“The risk of allergic reactions, asthma and other manifestations of weakened immunity in the group of children, biting nails, was 11% lower than adolescents without this habit” – said the researchers.

It is symptomatic that earlier study, researchers from New Zealand also testified to the fact that children and youth with a nail-biting suffered from allergies for 28% less often than peers who do not biting his nails.

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