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Scientists have managed to grow the embryo of a rare animal

Ученым удалось вырастить зародыш редкого животногоPolish scientists from the Agricultural University in Warsaw were able to grow Bud bison in vitro.

They recreated the genome of an animal for the further preservation of this species .

The embryo failed to grow in the laboratory through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Scientists from the research group Wanda olech-PIASECKI believes that retaining the DNA of animals is very important because today, there is a significant reduction of bison in Europe and Asia due to the active spread of infectious diseases.

It is very important to create a gene Bank of bison, so in the future, according to scientists, they will be able to revive the population of these animals. The author of the experiment Anna Gusevskaya said that they fertilized 6 eggs. One embryo was killed and is actively developing, now it has grown to the stage of early blastocyst.

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The Polish authorities are serious approach to the problem of reducing the population of bison in the country. Since March 1, the state forest service has launched a project to enhanced protection of bison. The project program provides for the distribution of bison across the globe and watch over the herds.

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