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Scientists have managed to create matter of time

Ученым удалось создать материю времениThe incredible theory of physics Frank Wilczek, launched in 2012, the existence of matter of time, has inspired physicists in the world on research in this area.

Frank Wilczek mathematically proved the possibility of existence of crystals of time. American physicists were able to confirm his theory experimentally.

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara published an article about the results of a scientific experiment in the laboratory of Microsoft Q. Dominiks ELS, co-author of scientific work, claims that failed to detect a clear difference between real and spontaneous symmetry breaking.

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Under the crystals is a common understanding of the stones. In fact, the crystals unfold their structure in any condition and can even look like jelly. The essence of the crystals of time is the inability of the traffic stop.

The movement itself does not require source or storage of energy. The atomic structure of crystals of time is repeated in space. Physicists have created an atomic structure that repeats itself in time countless times. The opening of the physicists proves the imperfection of quantum mechanics in the famous understanding and can be the basis for reconsideration of fundamental knowledge about time and space.

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