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Scientists have managed to create materials that do not exist in nature

Ученым удалось создать материалы, не существовавшие в природеA group of researchers at RMIT University (RMIT) made a “discovery of the decade”.

Scientists under the leadership of kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh and Torben Dance created two-dimensional materials with a thickness of several atoms that never existed in nature.

To create a 2D material similar to graphene, the team was dissolved molten metals in other liquid metals to create very thin layers of oxide. Dance explains that the process of creating the oxide layer is very simple, as “foaming milk when making cappuccino.”

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According to the developers, new materials able to improve storage capabilities and to make electronics faster.

“We expect that the developed technology is approximately one-third of the periodic table. Many of these atomically thin oxides are semiconducting or dielectric materials. Semiconductor and dielectric components are the basis of modern electronic and optical devices. Working with the hyperfine components is expected to result in more energy-efficient electronics,” said Professor Kalantar-Zadeh.

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