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Scientists have made incredible the giant stars

Ученые сделали невероятный снимок гигантской звездыHubble was able to capture in detail one of the hugest stars of our galaxy.

Orbital telescope has made detailed photograph of the cluster Westerlund, there is a giant Westerlund 1-26 (W26).

Scientists believe that Westerlund 1-26 (W26) is a red giant, and dimensions provided the stars are so great that, if the heavenly body was in the center of the Solar system, it could reach the orbit of Jupiter. For the first time this space object has been found in 60-ies of the last century the Swedish astronomer Bengt Westerlund with.

Later astronomers found out that the cluster Westerlund placed in 14-15 thousand light-years from our planet, which is very close in astronomical measurements, but according to our calculation, this is a great period of time. For example, light, which turned out to fix the Hubble, arose at a time when the Earth was ice age.
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