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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about Uranium

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление об УранеNASA told which planet is called “skunk”.

A scientist from NASA said that the gases on Uranus lend an air of fragrance of rotten eggs and urine.

This was stated by the researcher from the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

The scientist believes that, while gas shell of Uranium is too cold and poisonous to the man who fell into the planet’s atmosphere, could directly smell it, the air samples could collect automatic machines.

In this case, the samples will be present of various compounds. The composition of the samples depends on from which segments were taken. So, at the top are the hydrogen, helium and methane, and the bottom – hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide.

The concentration of ammonia is rather small and reaches one hundred parts per billion. However, according to the scientist, the gas can condense and form clouds, smelling of cat urine. Such accumulations and forms a sulphide, which gives the atmosphere the aroma of rotten eggs.

In the gaseous envelopes of other giant planets – Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune – are also present unpleasant joints, however their concentration is less.

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