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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about the woodpecker

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о дятлахDominated by woodpeckers among other birds.

Scientists from the U.S. found that woodpeckers ruthless to competitors in his weight class.

Experts have identified this factor after the study in the framework of FeederWatch.

Scientists have recruited a team of volunteers for a project whose goal was to identify interspecific hierarchy in birds. The participants of the experiment fed the birds and watched their behavior. The results of the work it became known that among birds is a widespread notion that birds of larger sizes are always dominant. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Among the leaders of the birds that subjugation of others, was attended by three birds, which are in any case superior to the rest. Unexpected results for the scientists was the fact that in any case, the woodpeckers were superior to other birds. It concerns those groups of birds, where they fit in the weight category.

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