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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about the origin of the moon

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о происхождении ЛуныHad previously been many theories about the origin of the moon.

Some experts believed that a celestial body was previously part of our planet, but broke away from it after the collision of Earth with a meteorite.

Other scientists supported the theory according to which the Moon was formed through the merger of several asteroids. According to another version, the satellite was formed from paraplanernogo of the disk of the planet.

Thus, each of the theories has a right to exist, confirmed by the facts, but has its drawbacks.

It should be noted that most scientists are inclined to another version, which every year finds more and more evidence.

Experts say that the Moon is an artificial satellite of the Earth. It is assumed that it is formed in another part of the Solar system, and after it was brought to the Ground.

This is confirmed by the composition of the satellite, which chemical properties are much different from the other celestial bodies of our Galaxy.

However, the size of the Earth small enough that the planet had the ability to attract the moon.

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