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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about koalas

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о коалахScientists told why koalas fingerprints.

Scientists from Adelaide University in Australia have found that koalas, like humans have fingerprints.

According to experts, thanks to the fingerprints of Koala bears increased tenacity of the limb.

Researchers believe that the ancestors of koalas, and apes diverged on the evolutionary track about 70 million years ago, and marsupials bears the fingerprints appeared regardless of human ancestors. The fact that their present fingers appeared long after the separation, because most marsupials, such as wombats and kangaroos, they do not exist.

The scientists also explained why koalas fingerprints. According to the researchers, the fingerprints of koalas provide the tenacity of the hand. To feed the koalas climb the trees and fill the paws of the leaves and eat them. Therefore, the origin of dermatoglyphs best explained by biomechanical adaptation to the need to grab and grasp.

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