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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about bees

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о пчелахScientists have learned how bees whispering to each other during collisions.

British scientists have managed to unravel the signals of bees, by which they swear at each other in collisions. Special vibrating sound can be used by insects in different situations.

This signal honeybees have expressed surprise. Previously it was thought that this signal bees warn their relatives about the danger. But the authors disagree with the results of old research, decided to hold their own. They watched the two colonies of bees for their hives by installing special devices pick up sounds at a distance of 3.5 cm, and also camcorder. Observations were conducted in active collective periods – from August to November 2014 and April 2015. Then the researchers digitized the records and studied the behaviour of test insects. It turned out that the signal, which the scientists call the sound “Oh” bees often send especially at night and in winter, that is when they are in the hive. Video recordings showed that the signal was received after the bees faced each other.

The sound comes from the Maha wings. Bees communicate using a different tone of vibration, and through movements in flight. Bee colonies can live of thousands of individuals. This industrious insect, so communication is very important for them. In this way they tell their colleagues about the detected floral glades, coordinate actions during the construction of the honeycomb, organize the defense of their settlements.

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