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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about beavers

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о бобрахScientists have found that beavers are really good.

American scientists have studied the behaviour of canadian beavers in their natural habitat and found that the beavers are really good, they have no aggression.

Biologists watched beavers in the South-West of Illinois, in the floodplain of the Mississippi.

In order to more accurately describe the personal life of beavers, the study’s authors placed in the lodges of beavers camcorder that does not hamper the residents. The experiment lasted for years, it was attended by 23 of the colony animals.

After reviewing all your recordings, biologists found that 95% of the time spent by the beavers in the hut, goes to sleep, feeding and cleaning of the body. Males and females share responsibilities for the care of offspring are about equally and comply with fairly strict routine. The babies, unlike adults, during the day several times to sleep and Wake up.

The surprise of the scientists was the fact that societies that beavers were not marked aggression. Usually social animals, living in close groups, established a certain order of subordination, which is supported by aggressive actions.

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