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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about aquarium fish

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление об аквариумных рыбкахBiologists a month scared of the fish to awaken in them a personality.

Scientists Akterskogo University (UK) conducted an experiment that proved the existence of the Trinidadian guppy individual traits.

The researchers in the course of a month, watched 105 aquarium fish, regularly creating them stress. For example, biologists placed the fish into an unfamiliar aquarium, frightened by the layout of birds and large predators – fish. Such tests guppies were exposed every three days.

Each individual scientists marked with a colored polymer and watched how it behaves. The authors found that in stressful situations guppy chose different behavioral strategies. Some stood still and waited for death, the other was hiding, another one darted in search of an exit from the aquarium to swim away, but part of the guppy, despite the danger, continued cautiously explored new territory.

In addition, the researchers found that the behavior of fish could change over time. So, some individuals four weeks preferred to hide, others just showed himself a brave and remained such until the end of the experiment, and some of the fish changed strategy .

Now scientists are trying to understand how the individual traits of each species. First and foremost, deals with genetic factors. To understand what traits are passed, the Exeter team began to breed fish.

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