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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about ancient people

Ученые сделали неожиданное заявление о древних людяхThe ancient people slept differently.

The ancient people sleep not, as do their descendants. Most of them fall into “segmented sleep”.

This was stated by scientists from the UK.

The main feature of this dream lies in the discontinuity. He sleeps a couple of hours, and then doing something personal, again sleeps and wakes up again. In different literature, there is mention of the “interim hours”, during which a person is relaxed or asleep.. Between the first and second sleep took at least 3-4 hours, and during this time the brain play a relaxation hormone prolactin.

Human biorhythms are associated with alteration of night and day time. The brain produces serotonin in response to light, responsible for a burst of energy. In the darkness he begins to produce melatonin, which calms the body. In the era of electricity these biorhythms began to stray.

Therefore, segmented sleep was not so relevant: the person gets the serotonin and from any light. Experts believe that such a dream can be useful and at the present time. In addition, many people confuse apnea with sudden awakening in the night with this phenomenon.

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