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Scientists have made an incredible statement about water on the moon

Ученые сделали невероятное заявление о воде на ЛунеAs it turned out, the Professor began to doubt the presence of water on the Earth’s satellite.

Scientists have questioned the availability of large water reserves on the moon, re-examining a fragment of the rocks brought to Earth in 1972
The results of the analysis they reported in the journal PNAS.

For future missions to the moon need to know how many there are deposits of water. In addition, if the moon has no large quantities of water, consistent with the theory of its formation as a result of collision of the young Earth with a hypothetical object the size of Mars. The germ of the moon were very hot magma bullet and the most volatile compounds, including water, rapidly evaporates from its surface.

Examined in this study, “rusty stone” contains many volatile compounds, have previously brought scientists to the conclusion about the presence of water in the depths of the moon. However, a careful analysis showed that the sample contains light isotopes of zinc is consistent with the hypothesis that zinc could just condense on the surface by evaporation.

However, certain water supplies on the moon are still there: they are located in craters at the poles. So, in North pole, astronomers estimated, contains at least 0.6 km3 of ice.

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